Napa Valley Beard and Body Beard Oil and Beard Balms handcrafted in Napa

Our Story

Welcome to our page.  We are excited to finally share our love for the beard! 

Our adventure began with a man that has a wonderful beard that needed some TLC and a woman who knows her oils (I have been making my own lotions and hair oils for over 15 years). The night when I said "Hey, I can make you something for that dry and fly away beard." turned into "Honey, can you make some for so and so...and so and so.."  And here we are today. 

We have deep roots in our beautiful Napa Valley.  Our families have been here in the Wine Country for generations.  We have both raised our sons here and hope to help keep it beautiful by using local olive oil and local grapeseed oils in our items as well as a few others.  When organic and/or Non-GMO are an option for an ingredient we chose it.  We use locally owned companies to print our labels and business cards.  We have even chosen a label made out of recycled paper. We live here, work here and support our community as much as possible. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as our family and friends have. 

Thank you for visiting our page.