Napa Valley Beard and Body Beard Oil and Beard Balms handcrafted in Napa

Deep Roots Beard Balm


Deep Roots will release your inner Lumberjack with its earthy and woodsy scent  It will appeal to your nature side and the love of the outdoors.  This blend is for you whether you enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or going on a run to escape the city life .  This mixture of Cedarwood, Vetiver and Tangerine will certainly transport you to the woods even in the city.

 Deep Roots is also available in our Beard Balm.

Napa Valley Beard and Body Beard Balm has some of the same benefits as our Beard Oils. This Beard Balm will help keep your man hair conditioned, moisturized and under control.  The slight amount of wax used will help keep your beard or mustache in place.  This can help with split beard on a windy day.

Please visit our Ingredients and Benefits page for information as to why Napa Valley Beard and Body has chosen this beneficial blend of all natural oils.



•Local Non-GMO, Kosher, Green Grapeseed Oil

•Local Olive Oil

•Organic Jojoba Oil

•Sweet Almond Oil


Essential Oil  Blend





2 oz tin